Individuals who are experiencing hearing loss should schedule an appointment with a Mid-Kansas ENT physician or audiologist. At each appointment, the health of the hearing system will be determined through visual examination and functional testing as needed.

Common causes of hearing loss include: wax build-up, infection of the ear canal, infection of the middle ear space, damage to the ear drum, Eustachian tube dysfunction, otosclerosis, viral infection in the inner ear, acoustic trauma, acoustic neuroma, and changes to the inner ear and auditory pathways associated with aging. At each appointment, the nature and severity of the hearing problem will be determined, and the appropriate treatment and recommendations will be made.

The MKENT physician may recommend medical or surgical management. If the loss is not medically treatable and it is felt that amplification would be of benefit, a Hearing Aid Evaluation (HAE) is recommended.

During the HAE, an interview with the patient and any family members present is done to determine the nature and severity of the hearing problem. This helps uncover the most handicapping symptoms so that our staff may focus on resolving these issues in order to improve communication. Using the information from the interview, the preferences of the patient, and the hearing loss information, amplification options are determined. All hearing aid options are available through our office and are reviewed with the patient.