All hearing aids at Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose and Throat are fit under an evaluation period of 60 days. During this period, the hearing aids are worn by the patient in their own environment. The patient returns to the office every two weeks to address any issues as they progress through the adaptation period. If there are any issues of communication that are resistant to the original amplification selection, it may be necessary to exchange and try an alternative amplification system to solve all the communication needs. This may result in a change in technology, features, options or size and style of hearing aids. If a satisfactory hearing solution cannot be achieved, the amplification devices may be returned for 100% refund less any fee for customized ear molds.

Hopefully, the hearing aids will provide improved quality of life for many years to come. To help insure this, regular check-ups are scheduled approximately every 4 months. The 4 month visits consist of; cleaning and checking the hearing aids, visual inspection of the ear canal, wax removal, hearing aid adjustments, and follow-up hearing tests as needed. Furthermore, a supply of batteries is provided at each visit.

Aural rehabilitation and counseling are also provided as needed. Similar to performing physical therapy after a knee operation, aural rehabilitation assists individuals in learning to “hear” again. Our staff will work toward giving a better understanding of how hearing loss affects ones ability to hear and understand. It is also important to understand what hearing aids can and cannot do. Our staff will work on an individual basis to get the most out of each individual’s hearing aids and assistive devices, as well as, help set up realistic expectations for the hearing aids.

Our Mission: To help people hear well again through education, counseling, amplification, and ongoing hearing health care services.