In the past, hearing aid users often suffered with occlusion or the sensation of plugged ears, feedback or whistling and uncomfortable loudness in noisy situations. Advances in technology and new sizes and styles of hearing aids have allowed us to reduce or eliminate these complaints.

Working with the audiology department staff at Mid-Kansas ENT you will be able to select the most appropriate style of hearing aid to fit your ear and your lifestyle.

Open fittings

New styles of technology have allowed the ear canal to remain more open resulting in a more natural sound which allows that which is heard without aids to blend with amplified sound giving a more natural, realistic, less artificial sound and allowing the user to often forget they are wearing amplification.

Automatic gain controls

Today’s technology offers automatic control of many features to maintain comfort and clarity in a variety of listening situations. Output controls prevent sounds from reaching an uncomfortable volume while maintaining amplification of soft sounds.

Automatic noise reduction

Advanced technology offers automatic volume and noise suppression controls for fast adaptation to rapidly changing environments eliminating the need for manual volume controls.

Digital feedback systems

Feedback, or whistling of the hearing aid, is now controlled with advanced sensor and cancellation features which allow for easier communication on the phone, less issue with wearing hats and scarves, and reduced or eliminated whistle when getting a hug.

Wireless connectivity

For individuals who need additional help or require special communication capabilities, there are now wireless accessories that can be utilized in a variety of situations, often allowing for better understanding than people with normal hearing. These devices include:

Discreet size and styles

Advances in technology have allowed for the miniaturization of hearing aids. This allows for instruments that are very cosmetically appealing and often invisible.


A nanometer thin layer of polymer is applied to hearing aids. This plastic coating protects the hearing aids from dust, dirt, and moisture. Because the technology is so small, it can be applied to hearing aids without affecting the look or performance of the hearing aids. This allows individuals who work in demanding environments to wear their hearing aids without the worry of damage from moisture or dirt.