Symptoms & Causes

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Typically, tinnitus is a symptom that occurs because of a change within the auditory system. Changes within the auditory system may be due to hearing loss, chronic systemic disease, genetic predisposition, impacted earwax, noise exposure, or ototoxic medications. Constant tinnitus can result in irritation, frustration or anger. If your tinnitus is affecting your quality of life, you may benefit from intervention.

Diagnosis & Treatment

When you see our physicians, they will want to learn about your symptoms and examine the ears. You may be given a hearing test, a CT scan, or a MRI scan. Depending on the outcome of your tests, the physician could give you a prescription to help with the symptoms. Another option is to make lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes can include reducing or eliminating alcohol intake, sodium, nicotine, stress and noise exposure. When hearing loss is present, patients can experience relief from tinnitus when wearing hearing aid devices that have tinnitus maskers.

Tinnitus Prevention

Patients can take preventative measures to keep tinnitus from occurring. Preventative measures include wearing hearing protection in environments where traumatic levels of noise are present (i.e., shooting guns, going to a rock concert, working with power tools, etc.), limiting the time you are exposed to noise, and taking care of your cardiovascular health. Maintaining your cardiovascular health will keep your body healthy and prevent tinnitus that may come with certain cardiovascular disorders. If you have any questions regarding tinnitus, please contact our clinic to schedule an appointment.

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