The thyroid gland is located in the lower neck below the larynx and wraps around the front half of the trachea. It is shaped like a bow tie, just above the collarbone. The thyroid gland makes hormones to regulate the body’s physiological functions and metabolism.

Thyroid problems span from an overactive gland (hyperthyroidism) to an underactive gland (hypothyroidism). The thyroid gland can also become enlarged compressing surrounding structures or even can develop cancerous nodules.

What will happen at my visit to Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose & Throat?

After a physician at Mid-Kansas ENT reviews your medical history and performs a physical, the doctor will examine your neck and chin for abnormalities. Based on findings, the doctor may use an ultrasound to examine the neck and thyroid. A chest x-ray, CT or MRI scan of the thyroid could also prove beneficial for diagnostic purposes.

If goiters (lumps) are found, a treatment plan will be created and additional testing may be required including an imaging study to determine the size, location and characteristics of any nodules within the gland. A fine-needle aspiration biopsy will provide the doctor more information on the nature of the lump in your thyroid gland and may help to differentiate a benign from a malignant or cancerous thyroid mass.

Thyroid treatment could include medication or surgical removal of the thyroid gland.

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