1. Regular diet as tolerated. Avoid foods with sharp edges for the first few days. Citrus fruit juices and spicy foods may aggravate throat pain.
  2. Activity as tolerated.
  3. For pain or discomfort use Tylenol (acetaminophen) or prescription pain medicine and Ibuprofen for pain. DO NOT USE ASPIRIN.
  4. There may be some ear pain after the procedure, this is normal.
  5. A white or yellow membrane commonly occurs over the tonsillar area. This does not indicate an infection and is the normal healing process.
  6. Objectionable mouth odor commonly observed for several days is relieved by eating and drinking fluids.
  7. Ear pain and a slight fever (99-100°) for the first few days is a common occurrence and may be disregarded.
  8. Coughing, hawking, and clearing of the throat are to be avoided.
  9. Mild bleeding is NOT unusual and usually stops with gargling ice cold water for 1-2 minutes. If bleeding continues or clots are seen in the throat, call the office. This is most likely to occur between 5-7 days after surgery when the scabs in the throat start to come off. If bleeding does not stop or if the patient vomits a large amount of blood or blood clot, contact the physician’s or seek medical attention immediately.

Call the office at 316-684-2838 if the following occur?