1. Remove outer dressing, if present, the day after surgery.
  2. Keep ALL water out of the ear. When there is a chance of water getting in the ear, make a plug of cotton that will fit into the ear canal, cover with Vaseline and insert it in the ear. It is important to use Vaseline with the cotton because water will go through the cotton.
  3. Do NOT blow your nose. If necessary, gently suck the mucous back and spit it out. Sneeze with your mouth open.
  4. Some clear or bloody drainage is common as the packing in the ear dissolves. Just wear a small piece of clean cotton in the ear canal as long as there is moisture. If pus drains from the ear, call the office for an appointment.
  5. You may return to light activity or school one or two days after discharge. Continue light activity until your follow up appointment or if your doctor gives you permission.
  6. A certain amount of discomfort is expected. Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) or the prescription pain medicine provided for you.
  7. If needed, a prescription for an antibiotic will be given to you.
  8. The ear will feel plugged and hearing will be poor after surgery because of packing placed in the ear during surgery. Do not let this concern you.
  9. Resume your normal diet. There may be some pain in the ear with chewing because of the close location of the jaw joint to the ear canal.
  10. You may wash your hair as soon as you can be assured you will not get water in the ear canal.
  11. Please call the physician’s office to schedule a one week follow up appointment.