3 Myths that Keep You from Better Hearing

There can be a variety of reasons why we don’t take action. Sometimes we delay because of myths we’ve heard. But when it comes to hearing loss, we shouldn’t procrastinate. Don’t let these myths keep you from seeking the help you need.

  1. “Hearing aids don’t work.”Maybe you grew up with a grandparent with hearing loss. Maybe that grandparent wore a hearing aid that didn’t help them hear much better, or perhaps he/she  was constantly adjusting the volume. Ever-changing technology has transformed the hearing solutions available. With ReSound, the current generation of hearing aids is far more effective and far easier to use. Just ask hearing aid wearers Maureen O’Shea and Rick Ledbetter.
  2. “Hearing aids make me look old.” Today’s hearing aids range from sleek, behind-the-ear styles to invisible-in-the-canal designs. And adjusting many of those hearing aids is as simple as picking up your smart phone and using an app to change settings. Never having to ask for words to be repeated again will be such a relief, and can do wonders for your overall outlook and quality of life.
  3. “Any hearing loss I might have is just a natural part of aging,”Not so fast! Aging and hearing loss don’t always do hand-in-hand. While genetics certainly come into play, an arguably larger role may be played by the cumulative effects of years of dangerous decibels.

The potential consequences to hiding or avoiding hearing loss far outweigh wearing hearing aids.The great news is that there are actual facts behind our innovative hearing solutions, and we’re here to help you get back to better hearing!